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Welcome to Ministry of Environment & Forestry

The Ministry of Environment & Forestry is a ministry of the Government of South Sudan. The incumbent minister is Mrs. Josephine NAPWON, while Mr.Joseph Africano Bartel serves as the Under Secretary

“Clean, healthy and safe environment for the people of South Sudan”

“To provide policy guidance, direction and coordination of all stakeholders for protection, conservation and sustainable management of the environment”




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South Sudan is the world's newest country and one of Africa's biggest oil producers. At independence, its oil was identified as its most important source of income. It was hoped that it that could help fund the country's development and future prosperity. Yet much of this hope has now evaporated.


An Environmental Protection Bill was drafted by GOSS in 2010 which forsees EIA. The Bill is not yet approved though and it is unclear if this will still happen considering the changing political circumstances.

Central EIA authority

The Draft of the Environmental Protection Bill (2010) forsees the Ministry responsible for environmental issue to have a central role in the EIA process, but also so-called Lead Agencies. These can be any ministry, directorate, department, parastatal agency, Local Government or public officer in which or in whom any law vests functions of control or management of any segment of the environment. This includes the Southern Sudan Environmental Management Authority indended to be established with Article 8 of the Bill.

Monitoring, Compliance and Enforcement Compliance monitoring


The Draft Environmental Protection Bill (2010) mentions that the proponent is required to take practical measures to ensure that the requirements of the EIS are complied with. It also mentions that the proponent shall submit quarterly and annual reports to the Ministry which describe the extent to which the operation of the project conforms with the statements made in the EIS. In case of undesirable effects that were not considered in the EIS, the proponent shall develop mitigation measures for them. He shall then prepare and submit an environmental audit report on those measures quarterly and annually or as otherwise required by the Authority. Moreover, the proponent shall conduct environmental audits in consultations with the Lead Agency.

Finally, environmental inspectors may enter any land or premises for the purpose of monitoring the compliance of the propnent with the statements made in the EIS.



Until this ten-year national environmental policy programme was presented, South Sudan had no policy governing the use of its environment despite heavy pollution due to oil production, charcoal burning, tree cutting and unnecessary deforestation.

As protracted fighting, which has killed tens of thousands since 2013, dominates political and economic decisions, questions remain about the country’s ability to prioritise the environment.



Forest Resources of South Sudan South Sudan is well endowed with diverse natural forests and Woodlands which shows that out of South Sudan land area (approx.664,000 Km2) some 208,157 Km2(33%) is covered by trees and another 257,236Km2( 40%) of land area is covered by shrubs.The combination of forest reserves, protected areas, national parks and game reserves together cover approx. 19,500 Km2 (just 9%) of tree cover.

Natural Forests and Woodland formations: comprising of forest vegetation and woodland formation or physiognomic categories:



South Sudan CHM - Biodiversity Web Portal

The South Sudan Clearing House Mechanism (SSD-CHM) is the South Sudan version of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) clearing house mechanism aimed at promoting, enabling access to and sharing of  information and technologies for the sustainable management of biodiversity in South Sudan.This website provides  biodiversity  information in form of meta data, reports, published papers, photographs and stakeholder links in South Sudan.

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Year 2011-2020 United nations Decade on Biodiversity, Lets Embrance it!

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