Ministry of Environment & Forestry South Sudan

220A Jubek

Juba, SC 29201


Mon - Fri 8.00 - 17.00





The Ministry Strategic Plan has been developed within the framework of the Ministry’s mandate and functions and will be guided by its vision, mission and core values as stated below:

“Clean, healthy and safe environment for the people of South Sudan”

“To provide policy guidance, direction and coordination of all stakeholders for protection, conservation and sustainable management of the environment”

Core Values
The core values listed below are the guiding principles which the Ministry has committed itself to in the process of implementing its strategic plan in particular and delivery of services in general.
• Team work ,
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Innovation
The key milestone achievements of the Ministry include but not limited to:-
• Approved environmental policy
• Approved structure for the Ministry
• Establishment of Government Information Centre
• Training on:
- Environmental management – 8 staff
- OARE- Online access to research in the Environment
- Environmental education and Awareness
• Facilitated landfill of 25KM on Juba –Yei road
• Facilitated public hearing of environmental bill
• Research on the state of environment –EIRO supported by UNDP
• SUDAN post-conflict environment Assessment
• Workshops on Multilateral environment Agreement (MEA)

Since inception, the Ministry has faced the following key challenges:
• Inadequate staff
• Inadequate skills in environmental management
• Inadequate policy and regulatory framework
• Managing wetlands and biodiversity
• Inadequate environmental education, awareness and empowerment
• Capacity building and strengthening of partnership with stakeholders
• Implementation of multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs)
• Environmental audit and assessment
• Development of environmental guidelines, regulation and environmental standards
• Solid waste management plan for South Sudan
• Addressing climate change
• Lack of relevant equipment including GIS labs
• Managing solid waste
• Limited awareness on environmental management
• Inadequate office space and limited transport facilities
• Inadequate capacity building programs
• Lack of Information Centre
• Limited ICT infrastructure

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